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Male Naked Cleaners, Buff Butlers & Local Handymen
Cheer up or treat your friend with a hired topless hunk!

Treat you or your friends, make them laugh and feel special for all domestic help and quirky party occasions.
Our hunks are strictly vetted for being respectful, charming, helpful and articulate aswell as their good looks.
Below we have a small sample of guys - if you have a highly refined physical criteria feel free to
contact us to peruse our dream male cleaners.

Serving Birthday Parties, Hen Parties, LGBTQ/ Gay Community & Private Domestic Bookings
with Professional, Attractive Talent

Since 1998.

Sugar Rae
Aiden - London, Essex, Kent
Danny - London, Essex
Armani - Greater London

Marc - Portsmouth, Southampton

"Thought we would book something a bit different as the last surprise for my sister's hen party which got very messy! We stayed in an airbnb so wanted to make sure we get our deposit back by leaving the place spotless. The girls really enjoyed themselves on our last day gorping over Sammy while he cleaned up the mess! The banter made it fun aswell." Chloe

"We booked a hunky cleaner in the buff to clear up after my Mum's birthday party so she didn't have to lift a finger. Aside from being very fit and good looking he did a thorough job with all the washing up and a bit of a spring clean. Mum loved it!! Thank you :) Rachel xxx"

As a busy city worker I already have a cleaner come once a week but I liked the idea of a hunk of my choice doing some cleaning and handyman jobs. I was able to shop for my exact type which made the experience for me. I was very happy with my choice and will be recommending you. Debbie x


Hard working, specially selected and vetted male cleaners, last minute cleaners, late night cleaners for hire for ladies, gentleman & surprise parties.

Specially selected charming, hot gentlemen to hire available for naked cleaning for ladies, gay gentlemen, surprise parties, cheer up's, birthdays, hen parties, special occasions and for general domestic/ DIY chores.
Our guys are efficient and effective at cleaning, ironing and doing all your household chores.

Our charming buff male cleaners are hard workers and also happy to assist with:

Clean, scrub, wash up, ironing
Pre and post party cleaning + entertain guests + pose for photos
DIY such as hanging pictures, shelves, mirrors and building self-assembly furniture
Buff butlering, cooking, waitering and serving drinks
Personal assistance/ cheering up elderly and people with disabilities

We understand there is a big gay and LGBT community in London seeking our services. Whether it's general housekeeping or ironing while you watch our male naked cleaners do all the hard work for you.

Swoon over our hot male naked cleaners while they do all your dirty work.

Book a hunky male naked cleaner