Naked Cleaners FAQ
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Naked Cleaners FAQ

What does naked cleaning involve? Is it a proper cleaning service?
Naked cleaning is a genuine cleaning service by highly attractive staff with a novelty twist... for people who don't have time, energy or motivation to clean their home. It involves general housekeeping duties such as vacuuming, dusting, mopping/ sweeping, washing up, making beds, folding clothes, washing the floors, wiping/ disinfecting surfaces and ironing carried out by highly attractive girls or guys.

Why a naked cleaning service?
Naked cleaning has become extremely popular over the last couple of years due to positive media attention and word of mouth across UK. We often have clients who want to break the monotony of everyday life and fancy trying a unique and fun experience to overcome the procrastination of cleaning their home or office. Attitudes towards this type of service have become more liberal and mainstream thanks to social media.

Who books a naked cleaner?
We receive bookings from a broad range of clients. Often busy business executives, mature professionals, tenants approaching end of tenancy, people that need cheering up, lonely people, people with disabilities, and mature/ elderly customers that need chores done. Also people who need to clean their house before or after a party with light entertainment to go with it.

Why choose the original
We have a lot of choice and differentiate ourselves by providing complete transparency of who you book. We never blur, crop or photoshop pictures of our staff, in order to guarantee you are fully satisfied. We select the most attractive girls and guys, applicants must qualify in certain faculties to meet the high standards of customers. Our staff are charming, engaging, well groomed and attractive. We understand that banter and confidence are also underestimated qualities of traditional cleaners and hence focus on selecting well spoken native English speaking staff who understand you thoroughly. Of course we would like to elicit repeat bookings and positive word of mouth by delighting customers. Much of our existing customer base are repeat customers.

Why choose a naked cleaner when you can see a naked escort?
Because we have a better selection of more attractive looking English girls. More attractive girls are willing to do naked cleaning instead of escorting. Our girls are also vetted for their charming personalities as we understand many customers enjoy the banter that goes along with domestic cleaning. With escort agencies you are taking big risks without really knowing who is genuine. Most are fake pictures and fake profiles from risky foreign countries.

Is naked cleaning a proper cleaning service?
We understand that all customers are different and have varying cleaning requirements. Some of our staff members have a solid background in cleaning where others come from modelling and stripping backgrounds and more suited towards light cleaning. We are confident we can find a good match no matter where you are in the country whether it be countryside or coastal regions. We are happy to discuss with you in greater detail what cleaning duties are required and what cleaning materials are necessary before booking.

How much notice do i need to give to book the service?
To guarantee you get a good match for your booking we 'suggest' booking the day before. However we do provide a last minute/ same day/ same evening naked cleaning service in certain areas with certain staff. Especially in major cities such London, Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Bristol, Cardiff. Please contact us to find out. We are open until 2am, 7 days a week.

What's the shortest duration?
1 hour is usually the minimum booking duration, sometimes 2 hours if you are in difficult to reach locations/ or request an unusual time. It can work out more cost efficient if you book more than 1 hour. Please contact us for a quote.

Which girls do you have available in my area?
We have hundreds of vetted attractive staff across the country. We are confident we can find a match no matter what 'type' you are looking for from the ages of 21-60 or whether you are looking for busty, hourglass, petite, tall or slim. Feel free to enquire to see all the cleaners available in your area.

Are you more expensive than normal cleaners?
Please remember this is different to a traditional cleaning service. In order to get highly attractive, specially selected, confident naked cleaning staff to your address they may need to travel further on extended journeys than your 'average local cleaner'. Our staff who are often in demand with other work opportunities (such as modelling and stripping) value their time, energy and travel costs. Our price/ booking fee is competitive whilst reflective of the risk of travelling to your address and 'baring all'. A lot of work also goes into sourcing and selecting talent that is willing to undertake this line of work. Due to lesser demand male naked cleaners are prepared to charge a lot less. Please contact us to for a quote.

Do you see disabled people and elderly customers?
Yes, we understand this service is well suited towards people with disabilities who require additional assistance with domestic duties. We also understand some people can get lonely, especially elderly customers who feel this service is a good way to break the monotony and brighten up their day.

Can the girls wear special outfits?
Yes if you submit a request we can see what outfits or costumes are available. Common requests include a french maid costume, suspenders, stockings and high heels.

How do I join the site?
We are always looking for new talent. If you are attractive, charming and confident you can enquire about work opportunities here.