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Naked Cleaners in London

Since London is the largest city in UK we've ensured there are plenty of naked cleaners to cover every corner of the whole city including zones 1-6. This also sets us up well to accomodate last minute bookings in Greater London and the suburbs. We often receive bookings on the borders of London in places like Surrey, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, Berkshire, Middlesex, Essex, Kent, Sussex. Customers looking to book at short notice would be adviced to send their London postcode when submitting an enquiry so we can respond quickly with an estimated time of arrival and which cleaners can travel to your address. We understand London professionals have hectic schedules and expect a responsive service to fit around their busy schedule. We also understand male clients are impulse. Customers should allow for a 2 hours lead time in London especially with rush hour traffic.

We have experience cleaning large houses in places like Hampstead, Highgate, Knightsbridge, Chelsea, Mayfair aswell as small, single bed, city apartments scattered around London. The average booking duration for larger houses is 2-3 hours to do a complete clean in all rooms.

Naked Ironing in London

We understand Londoners are amongst the most time poor people, given the amount of pressure people have in a big busy city, aswell as delays commuting from or to your home to finish chores such as ironing and housekeeping. Tiredness after sitting in London's traffic all day is another reason you may not be able to complete urgent chores. It's very satisfying to know your huge build up of ironing with shirts for that important meeting the next day will be taken care of swiftly with a same day or last minute service. We understand business people in London have tight schedules and like to book last minute cleaners.

Late night cleaners in London

By the time Londoner's finish their work, family duties and other errands such as shopping, cleaning very often shuffles to the bottom of the pecking order. Scheduling a time to clean also becomes very difficult. Late night cleaners give busy time poor people - especially executives - the choice to get cleaning tasks done when you have a time constraint or if you are a night owl who is nocturnal.

Last minute cleaners London

Sometimes you have a tight deadline to get your home clean by a certain time, want to be discreet or feel impulsive to get a cleaner to your home the same day or same evening. Similar to our cleaners we understand business orientated people are all about taking immediate action and being efficient at completing tasks to a high standard to meet a deadline. Our service is reflective of a modern world full of instantness - attitudes and expectations are changing fast today, with services such as cleaning expected to be administered quickly without any delay. Whether it be afternoon or evening, last minute cleaners in London are popular. Customers in areas such as Mayfair, Kensington, Belgravia, Chelsea, Fulham, Notting Hill expect a premium level service - being on call at any time of the morning or late at night.

London Office Cleaning

London has a lot of offices to clean! City workers who work late in London and don't have time or energy to clean their apartments are regular customers of ours. On a friday night we also get groups of guys or groups of ladies in the office who just need a bit of cheering up at the end of the week while they watch their hot naked cleaner do all the dirty work for them. Whether it be polishing desks and work surfaces, window cleaning, hoovering or organizing a messy kitchen.

We can arrange flexible, last minute, late night and scheduled visits to your London office. It's important for productivity, health and safety of employees and clients to walk into a hygienic impressionable environment. We have excellent coverage of Greater London and the surrounding areas. We're able to facilitate a naked cleaner anywhere, anytime in Greater London. Dartford, Hackney, Romford, Croydon.


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Phoenix can cover all of South West and South East London, SE1 SW1, W1, WC1, E1 EC1

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Lucy travels from Watford N1 NW1